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What to do After a Waxing

Getting waxed, whether Brazilin or other, is a really great way to remove body hair. It is healthier for you than chemical removal, and it is much more effective than shaving. In order to get a great waxing, you want to make sure you go to a place that knows what they are doing, uses the proper materials, and has a clean/welcoming atmosphere. Once you have been waxed there are things you will want to do to ensure that your skin remains clear, smooth, and healthy. There are certain hygiene practices that you should incorporate into your waxing routine.

It is important to let your skin breath after a waxing. If you are getting a Brazilian waxing, you will want to avoid tight clothing for a day. Skintight clothing can lead to ingrown hairs or irritations.

Be careful to avoid touching your skin. Your skin will be very sensitive, and so bacteria and germs on your hand can lead to infections.

You will want to avoid the sun for about two days after the process is done. If your skin is red after two days, you will want to continue avoiding the sun. Because the skin is more sensitive, there area will burn easier. You can end up with dark spots.

Avoiding water and steam will help your skin heal quicker. You can shower, but you do not want to fully submerge your waxed area. This is especially the case for going in pools. Try not to go into saunas or steams rooms because those can irritate skin too.

You get waxed to have smooth skin, but body lotion can cause redness on skin. Certain lotions, depending on their ingredients, could also potentially trigger a burning sensation.

The sensitivity is different from person to person, so each individual should know when to start using lotion again.

You can exfoliate your skin to help prevent ingrown hairs. By using a light-exfoliating tool (like a body scrub or loofah), you can help to remove the top layer of dead skin that will prevent new hairs from growing out properly.

Implementing these recovery strategies to your healing process will allow you to get the most out of your waxing. Your skin will heal quicker, will be smoother, and will receive less irritation. Take care of your skin after getting waxed.

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