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Slowing Down Unwanted Body Hair Growth

Stopping hair growth is impossible without the help of professionals and laser treatments. At-home creams and remedies usually promise way more than they could ever deliver. Although stopping hair growth is difficult, that is not necessarily the case when it comes to slowing hair growth. There are several things that individuals can do to attempt to slow hair growth. We all have different skin, and so tips might work better for some while not working for others. Both men and women can use these tips. Following some of the below tips will help avoid the need for constant hair removal on Staten Island.

Stress and anxiety are known to produce androgen in the body, which will speed up the growth of hair. It is sometimes hard to do, but remaining calm will help to keep hair growing slowly.

Some supplements can also help to slow down hair growth. Palmetto is known to even out some chemical imbalances, including the production of androgen. Men can use Vitamin E to regulate male hormones. It can potentially block all unwanted hormones.

Stop shaving and start waxing. Shaving only gets rid of the top of the hair, which means that hair will quickly grow past the skin again. Waxing removes the entire follicle, and so it takes much longer for hair to grow back.

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