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Options for Removing Back Hair

Hair removal procedures were once viewed as an act strictly for females. As gender expression becomes more fluid, male body hair removal became more popular. In Staten Island, there are many options for male body hair removal and each different procedure yields incredibly smooth body skin. The most prevalent area that is waxed on the male body is the back, and there are many different ways to remove hair from that region.

Waxing is the most popular form of male body hair removal, and is one of the most efficient ways to get silky smooth skin. Before male waxing became popular, sticky, honey-based waxes were used to remove hair. This type of wax caused pain and irritation. As technology improved, companies began to use softer, soy waxes that applied as lotion and strictly adhered to the hair.  The new form of waxing is a simple procedure: strips are applied over the cream, when the mixture dries, the strips are pulled off, and the hair is gone. Male Brazilian waxing has a similar procedure, and is gaining popularity amongst men.

Another option for back hair removal is laser hair removal treatments.  Certain types of laser light energy can penetrate the hair shaft and kill the root. This makes hair regrowth very difficult. Laser hair removal treatments are a great alternative to waxing and take about 30 minutes per treatment. For complete removal of hair, it is necessary to have at least eight treatments. This option is best for removing hair on the chest, stomach, back, and male Brazilian waxing area.  Laser hair treatments are much more expensive than waxing, and can cost anywhere from four to five hundred dollars per session.

Electrolysis uses an ultra-thin needle to penetrate each hair shaft, effectively killing the cells that make hair. Once the cell is destroyed, no hair will grow in the region again. Each electrolysis session takes ten to twenty minutes, but the larger the region the more sessions need to take place. While electrolysis is incredibly effective, it is best for small areas of the body. 

If you are interested in learning more about male body hair removal, male Brazilian waxing, or different types of waxing options, it is best to contact a salon that does male Brazilian waxing in Staten Island. If you are nervous about the procedure, it is best to consult with a professional and go over different options.

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