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Male Waxing is a Growing Trend

Summer is right around the corner and beachgoers are beginning to prepare their bodies for the Sunday beach days ahead. On Staten Island, a large portion of the young populace heads down south the Jersey Shore in order to partake in summer festivities. In the past, the women on the Island would be the only demographic to remove their body hair with wax, but currently male grooming has exploded in terms of popularity.

Male waxing has switched from a taboo to a commonly accepted practice for males who feel the need to have kempt body hair. Some men even partake in male Brazilian waxing procedures in Staten Island, which was a specialty that historically catered to women only.

Across ages, ethnicities, and sexual orientations, male Brazilian waxing in Staten Island is expanding in popularity. Many salons are starting to cater explicitly to procedures for men, which are becoming the most frequently booked service at some establishments on the Island.

There are different levels of below the waist waxing that range from total hair removal, to site specific targeting. Most people have an identity or method of overall presentation, and this is a great way to extend that freedom. After a few sessions, most men find the procedure to be minimally painful and by simply taking over the counter pain relives one can limit the irritation.

If you are interested in learning more about male waxing in Staten Island, NY contact a local salon for more information!

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