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Hard Wax can be Better

There are many different types of waxing procedures that reduce the amount of body hair on the human body. If you are new to the waxing world, you may have some questions surrounding body hair removal services. One of the main debates for over waxing is whether to use soft or hard wax.  There are a few main differences between soft and hard wax, and each product is best for a specific application.

Soft wax is known as honey wax and is used in tandem with a strip of adhesive paper. This wax is known as honey wax because when it is warmed to the appropriate temperature, it turns to the color of honey. Soft wax is applied in a very thin layer across a given surface of the body. Hard wax is applied differently than soft wax, and needs to be used with apre-epilating oils. This specific type of wax is spread on top of the skin about a half an inch thick and no cloths are used to remove it. Instead, the hard wax cools into a solid and is then removed with a swift pull.  This removes the undesirable hair from the region. For male Brazilian waxing, hard wax is the better option because the wax only sticks to the hair, instead of the skin. By sticking to the hair, skin irritation is mitigated. Clients with more sensitive skin, who want hair removed from a sensitive area, should always opt for hard waxes.

If hard wax does not fully harden before it is removed, it will crack and not pull out the desired amount of hair. When it sets for a sufficient time period, hard wax shrinks around tiny hairs, such as those on the face and pubic area. For men interested in bikini area and facial hair removal, hard wax is the most appropriate option. For large areas, such as the chest and back, soft wax should be used. It is important to remember that hard wax limits irritation in sensitive areas, so people with sensitive skin should always request hard wax for a male Brazilian waxing procedure.

If you are interested in male Brazilian waxing Staten Island, or want to learn more about soft wax vs. hard wax, contact a local salon for more tips and information. Salons have trained professionals who can help walk you through the process of waxing, and make the procedure seem a bit less daunting.

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