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Brazilian Waxing in NJ, Brazilian Wax in Staten Island, NY

Brazilian Waxing is the removal of unwanted hair in genital area, can range from inner thigh bikini line to full removal of pubic hair. It is removed with application of hot wax and stripped away with piece of cloth. It can last from 4-6 weeks and it betters your sexual activity.  

Waxing Service for Women

Lip -Chin $5.00
Half Legs  $15.00
Legs with Brazilian  $50.00
Eyebrows $8.00
Under Arm  $10.00
Sideburns $8.00
Forearms $15.00
Face $15.00
 Full Arm $20.00
Full Legs  $30.00
Legs with Bikini  $40.00
Bikini $15.00
Brazilian $25.00
Stomach Line  $5.00

Waxing Service for Men

Back  $25.00
With Shoulder  $30.00
Chest $25.00
Stomach $15.00
Brazilian $35.00
Buttocks $15.00
Neck $10.00
Bikini $20.00




Brazilian Waxing NJ

Brazilian Waxing Safety

We use the highest quality in technology to make sure your visit is a safe one. Cleanliness and safety are our priorities. We do not double dip. We use a separate stick to dip into the wax, and another one to apply it to the skin. Every stick is discarded at the end of each individual client's services have been completed.

When looking for Brazilian waxing in NJ, it is important to search for a salon that is clean, reasonably priced and personable to its customers. It is also significant to know the proper procedure of Brazilian waxing in order to gauge the professionalism of the shop.

The Brazilian wax hair removal treatment involves the complete removal of all hair from the bikini area. Seven Brazilian sisters first popularized Brazilian Waxing in 1987 and it now is one of the most popular forms of waxing for women in the United States.  Warm wax is applied to the area and covered with small, warm cloths. When the wax sufficiently cools and hardens it is subsequently pulled to remove hair from the roots. There is some discomfort that is associated with this process, but any pain and irritation should subside within five days of the initial treatment. 

Shops that practice Brazilian waxing in NJ should be clean. As a result of the hair removal being in a sensitive area the region is prone to easily transmitted diseases.  Wax should never be reused on different customers and cloths should always be fresh and sanitary.  Taking these precautions will not only prevent avoidable diseases, but will limit irritation and infection.  People with weakened immune systems should avoid waxing without the consent of a physician.

Brazilian waxes differ from traditional bikini waxes because hair is completely removed during the later. In some shops, a “landing strip” line is left on the front area, but most women opt for everything to be removed. The proper procedure should take no more than 10-15 minutes. For proper privacy, Brazilian waxing in NJ should take place in a calm environment, behind closed doors, with just the customer and the waxer.  In a professional shop, the customer should always remove their clothing without the hair specialist in the room to ensure the utmost comfort of the client.  When asked to lie down on the waxing table, the customer should be on a sanitary waxing surface. In many cases a disposable paper sheet will be placed over the table and will be removed after each client. 

When lying on the table, the waxer may trim the hair because only ¼ inches of hair is needed to wax and this makes the process easier.  Talcum powder can also be applied to the area to limit irritation keeps the hot wax from sticking to the surface of the skin. After the hair is removed, always make sure that the waxer applies a soothing lotion to the newly treated area.

After you have found a comfortable store that practices Brazilian waxing you can begin to become familiar with the employees and even develop favorites. Make sure to take the number and card of a waxer that has treated you respectfully and has done a professional job. We hope that you are able to find wonderful Brazilian Waxing in NJ that fits your needs and makes you happy.

We specialize in providing gentle and caring Brazilian waxing as well as Hair removal. Contact us for an appointment anytime!

Where Did Brazilian Waxing Come From?

You may have heard about Brazilian waxing from your friends, but more than likely they didn't tell you the history of the procedure.

The story starts with J. Sisters International Salon, which introduced this sort of waxing to the U.S. in 1994. The owners were trained in the technique in their family salon in Victoria, Brazil. But while the sisters were credited with introducing it to an American audience, can the Brazilians be credited with developing the Brazilian wax?

The History of Hair Removal

Shaving the pubic region has been a practice done by both men and women for centuries. Some Middle Eastern cultures made removal of excess body hair as part of their hygiene routine. The Ethnologist F. Fawcett wrote, in 1901, about the removal of women’s body hair around the vulva. This practice took place within the Hindu Nair caste. Western societies have been practicing body hair removal for a long time as well. There is a stigma is American culture that frowns upon people showing hair through a bikini line. For sometime, people have been removing the hair around the pubic region during bathing suit season. It was in the late 40s that the practice of Brazilian waxing picked up in the United States. So, what is a Brazilian wax?

A true Brazilian wax does NOT necessarily mean removing all the hair completely from the pubic region. There can be some hair left on the mons pubis. This is often a highly tailored, vertical “landing strip,.”  There are different versions of waxing that one can ask, such as French waxing or American waxing. Men may also opt for the very popular Brazilian wax, as well.

Talk to Your Aesthetician

It is very important to develop a relationship with your aesthetician in order to get what it is you want when opting for a Brazilian wax. Why? Because you don’t want to end up getting more waxed off than what you originally thought you were going to get. Some clients want to have the “landing strip,” while others prefer to go “bald eagle.” The style is really your choice.

When scheduling your Brazilian wax, you may want to consider getting other services like craniosacral therapy to reduce your stress levels. Waxing can be a bit painful, which will ultimately raise your stress and tension. Getting both services, one after the other, allows you to leave more refreshed and calm than if you simply left after a waxing.

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